INDRAMAYU. Sunday (28/01/2018) Facilitator of Desa Berdaya Rumah Zakat and ZIS Indosat in Tegalurung Village, Balongan Subdistrict, Kab Indramayu visited one of the beneficiaries of KUBE (Joint Business Unit) capital, Mr. Taryudi who is familiarly called Mas Yudi. Mas Yudi currently lives in Blok Gablog RT 003 / RW 001 Tegalurung Village.

Mas Yudi previously worked as a janitor in a state junior high school in Kec Balongan. After 11 years of work, Mas Yudi decided to quit his job because the salary earned was not enough to meet the needs of his family and decided to help his mother in her mother’s grocery store.

Around the month of September Mas Yudi became one of the Beneficiaries of KUBE capital with mineral water supply business, the business went smoothly but since December its income decreased. Finally, Mas Yudi with his wife agreed to open a new business, ie selling breakfast.

“About a month ago Me and Wife selling breakfast of yellow rice, rice lengko and gado-gado. Because just start a business yes earnings earned per day about 70,000, if it is crowded can be about 100,000, “said Mas Yudi.

Mas Yudi and his wife sell breakfast at JL. Raya Tegalurung in front of Mushola Al-Barokah, this place was chosen because of the strategic access road from Tegalurung Village to Balongan Village.

“Thank God thanks to the business capital of Rumah Zakat and ZIS Indosat. Now I can run two businesses at once so that my income increases and can support my family,” said Yudi.

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