BOGOR. Hidayah can be obtained by anyone who Allah wills, regardless of the past of each person. Just as Jaelani grows in an environment with limited economic conditions and all shortages, far from the Islamic environment. He lives on the streets and becomes a thug in his neighborhood.

But he is aware that he can not change his destiny unless he does not change it by himself. Jaelani decides to be a retired thug and starts to improve his life. Jaelani now often follows the activities of kerohaniaan.

Assess the science of religion and continue to try to improve themselves to aim to get married and will not go out. Besides armed with the experience of selling at school and the potential of his mother who is good at cooking, Jaelani now trying to open a culinary the brand “Jay’s Kitchen”.

Enterprises receive orders rice box, aqikah, coconut ice sours, roasted sausages and gejrot tofu, open steam motor with friends of other retired thugs who are trying to migrate.

Looking at other business opportunities he also opened a round tofu booth at high school. His efforts will certainly cost a lot, but jaelani keep trying to develop his business is only constrained by capital, so that his business has not run as planned.

Seeing the journey and struggle, then Jaelani appointed one of the empowerment members of Branch Rumah Zakat in the area of the Curug Bogor. Alhamdulillah aid business capital from the donors Rumah Zakat through can help to expand its business. Distribution of business capital assistance was given on Wednesday (14/06) and at his residence Kp. Curug bloom RT 04/06 Ex. Curug blooming Kec. Bogor Barat Kota Bogor. The capital will be used for the development of organic soursop ice business.

“Thank God to the donors and Rumah Zakat who have helped for my efforts. May Allah repay the kindness of the donors of Rumah Zakat. Pray that my business can grow and be able to help my other friends, “said Jaelani.

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