SUMBAWA BESAR. As a form of commitment to share happiness, Rumah Zakat again provides business capital assistance to four disadvantaged families on Wednesday (16/08) in Jorok Village Office Hall, Unter Iwes Subdistrict, Sumbawa Besar.

The beneficiaries are Mr. Bambang, shoe sole business, Mr. Putra, workshop business, Ms. Salma, trade and Ms. Ipah, trade.

Repi S, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Jorok Village explains whether this is a community empowerment program through the cluster of Senyum Mandiri (economic field).

“Since it was launched in the village last May, It has been already 10 families who received business capital assistance. of course, we hope that the efforts developed by these beneficiaries can grow and develop, and hopefully, more and more people will get the benefit from this program,” said┬áRepi.

“In addition to moving in the economic field, we are also developing a business in the field of environment (a sustainable smile) is a nursery of various crops by the cadre of movers,” he added.

In his statement Abdullah AR, Head of the Jorok Village expressed his appreciation to Rumah Zakat for the benefit in Empowered Village Program.

“The Empowered Village of Rumah Zakat really can be felt directly by the people of Jorok Village, I as the indigenous┬áperson or the Village Head will fully support the entire program of Rumah Zakat, because it is very useful for our citizens,” he said.

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