BANGLADESH. Humanity’s call continues to roll for Rohingya, donations continue to arrive both from individuals, communities, companies to religious assemblies (Majelis Taklim).

Last Sunday (01/10), on behalf of MTTG (Majelis Taklim Telkom Group) Rumah Zakat incorporated in the Humanity Alliance of Indonesia (AKIM) distributed aid for 500 Rohingya refugees in Kutupalong Camp, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh.

Food aid containing rice, dried tice, cooking oil, salt, biscuits, spices, chili and sugar are distributed to Kutupalong Camp refugees, one of the large camps inhabited by hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Long queue was happened at the time the aid was distributed, the parents, men, women and children joined the queue for this food aid.

“The refugee condition inhabited by hundreds of thousands of refugees make food needs a priority. Insya Allah the he aid will continue to be distributed” said Agus Suryadi, Rumah Zakat’s Humanity Team in Bangladesh.

The United Nations estimates that 480,000 Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh since August 25, 2017. Previously, about 300,000 Rohingyas had been in Bangladesh to save themselves.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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