2103 BANTUAN SARANA USAHA ES COMEL BU YAYUCILEGON, Saturday (3/18) Rumah Zakat as a social institution based professional community development, continue to provide a positive contribution to building the country in the economic field through the program “Smile Self”. This is done as an effort to support the government to create a society independent and prosperous Indonesia.

In order to increase the economic empowerment of people, especially the SMEs, in March of this channel Help Entrepreneurial beruapa Help Means Business as Table Box Wood, Gas and regulator to Ms. Yayu Rahayu with businesses “YuRaha” which produce drinks and food in the style of a café as winsome as a member built in the Integrated Community Development Citangkil Cilegon.

In addition to self-employment assistance, the members also get assistance in running the business. The delivery of assistance to the sister Yayu means business is conducted in the House as a place of business links. Tegal Cabe RT 02/02 Citangkil.

In addition to providing capital assistance to businesses was also given an understanding of entrepreneurship among them is how to service to consumers. According to Humaedi recognition as a facilitator empowerment Rumah Zakat Cilegon who met on the sidelines of the event.

“In addition to good service to consumers is also worth noting how the presentation of the product or packaging is good,” said Humaedi. (18/3).

Meanwhile, Ms Rahayu admitted Yayu feel that the program means business assistance he received. A young woman is in addition to opening a business, he also became a mentor Bimbel Koran, is his perseverance helped her meet the economic needs of today’s families had businesses Es Comel and meatballs are already more than 1 year old also hopes that with the help of ingredients can improve their business and revenue later ,

“Thank God, I am very grateful to be a member Alms Houses built. Entrepreneurial assistance given very helpful to me in making a living for me. I had to work hard to pay for my life and family with the help of this I find it, hopefully good business and increase my monthly income “. Yayu said Rahayu, Member Rumah Zakat.

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