CILEGON. Saturday (16/09) Rumah Zakat as a professional social institution based on community empowerment, continue to give positive contribution to develop the country in economy through “Senyum Mandiri” program. This is done as an effort to support the government to realize an independent Indonesian society and prosperous.

In order to increase the economic empowerment of the community, especially the SME players, in September channeled the Entrepreneurial Assistance to the Beneficiaries of SMEs by Rumah Zakat Cilegon with the help of Business Facilities such as Sewing Machine Stove, Hanger, Bodyfit, to Mrs. Ruwiningsih who own “Safina Fashion”.

In addition to entrepreneurial assistance, the members also get assistance in running their business. The delivery of business facilities to Ms. Ruwiningsih was conducted at Rumah as her place of business in Ramanuju RW 09 Citangkil.

In addition to providing business capital assistance to business actors were also given an understanding of the entrepreneurship of GMP assistance such as how the service to consumers. “In addition to good service to consumers also need to note the timeliness,” said Humaedi Cilegon Facilitator. (16/9).

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ruwiningsih claimed to feel helped by the existence of business facilities assistance program that she received. A businesswoman as well as a housewife woman is in addition to open her business is active in fostering entrepreneurship education, this with her persistence to help her husband to meet the economic needs of the family currently has a business Tailor has been more than 1 year is also hoping that with the facilities from Rumah Zakat can increase business and earnings later.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful to be a member of Rumah Zakat. The entrepreneurship assistance provided is very beneficial because it suits the needs of my business facilities in earning a living for me. I have to work hard to finance my life and family with this help I feel helped, hopefully the business smoothly and increase my monthly income “. Said Ruwiningsih.

Newsroom / Humaedi

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