BANTUAN SEKOLAH UNTUK JUJUN, ANAK TUNARUNGU INSPIRATIFREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SUMEDANG -RZ provides shoes and a set of drawing tools for Jujun, beneficiary of active and excel children scholarship. At first glance, it appears there is no shortage in 13 years old boy. However, Jujun is a boy who cannot speak. Since the age of 13 months, Jujun had been indicated to have a hearing loss that resulted he became mute.

According to Dedeh, mother of Jujun, previously Jujun is very emotional. he often throw a tantrum and hit other, because he thinks people talking about him.

“Even her teacher at school was often hit by Jujun. But, I never curb Jujun. Although he has flaws I wish he could develop like other children, “said Dedeh, Monday (16/01).

Despite his shortcomings, it does not make Jujun surrender. Like the other children, after school from Lingga Darma special schools, Jujun always play football with his friends. Not only that, in school Juju is an active child. In fact, he was trusted to perform in Lengser performance in the ceremonial reception on the anniversary of Cibugel district, Sumedang Regency.

According to Dedeh, Jujun spirit of learning was not lost as children in general. Every day Jujun always excited to go to school because he wants to learn more.

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