PONTIANAK – A baby named Micka who suffers from Broncho Peneumonia & Patent Ductur Arterious PDA disease, Alhamdulillah thanks to Rumah Zakat, can be operated in the Operating Room of the Integrated Pavilion Room at Soedarso Regional Hospital, Pontianak West Kalimantan (16/11) precisely at 12:40 WIB. This operation lasted 45 minutes.

Baby Micka who is more than 102 days at Soedarso Regional Hospital, Nicu Picu, was diagnosed with Broncho Peneumonia & Patent Ductur Arterious PDA. The surgery was performed to close the heart leak that leaked into the lungs, together with the Expert Team from Jakarta.

This is part of the seriousness of the Soedarso Regional Hospital in treating patients assisted by the team from the Dr. Seodarso Regional Hospital and an expert team from Jakarta and the campaign and fundraising of Rumah Zakat.

“Please pray for us to continue to provide the best service to the people of West Kalimantan,” said the director of Soedarso Regional Hospital, Ms. Yuliastuti Saripawan

“We take care of the public mandate that has left a donation for baby Micka. Baby Micka may Allah help you heal as soon as possible, we thank the West Kalimantan people especially Pontianak who have believed to continue to move on this goodness, pray for us,” continued Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat West Kalimantan.


Asih Dwi / Hanaa Afifah

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