SUKABUMI. Volunteer Rumah Zakat Sukabumi distributes aid for fire victims in kp. Pondok gunung 01/05 damarraja village warungkiara sub district Sukabumi district on Tuesday (05/09).

The fire that occurred on (25/08) scorched 1 house inhabited a grandmother named Mirah, luckily when the fire devoured her house, Mirah and his family is not in place.

“Because the house is made of cubicles and on holes, whose holes are covered with sack and its position is close to a fireplace, then the fire creeps in and burned the house” Said one of Mak Mirah’s neighbors.

“I am still traumatized to the house, O God, I am helpless, don’t know what to do” said Mak Mirah pained.

Alhamdulilah on the occasion Volunteers provide assistance in the form of Staple Food and mattress for Mak Mirah.

“Thank you neng hopefully accepted by Allah Almighty, Thank Rumah Zakat for the help, thank you very much”. Said Mak Mirah happy.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah

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