BOGOR. Tuesday (31/10), Mr. Jaelani is one of the members built Rumah Zakat in the area of the Curug Bogor. A strong determination to emigrate for the better has now yielded results both in terms of religion and business.

The business assistance provided by the Kitabisa donors through Rumah Zakat was previously used for the purchase of raw materials for the development of organic soursop ice business. Meanwhile, during October 2017, the second tranche of business assistance distributed to pay the rent for the business, buying freezers and equipment for the tofu business.

Currently, Mr. Jaelani is more focused on the culinary business of variously processed tofu such as tofu jeletot, krispi and bulat tofu . The soursop coconut ice business is still relying on customer orders. The selling location at SMP-SMA-SMK Taruna Terpadu 1 Bogor Center School becomes a strategic place to sell culinary snacks at affordable prices targeted at school children.

In addition to capital and business facilities, Mr. Jaelani also always get business assistance from Bogor House Zakat facilitator to continue to help Mr. Jaelani develop products and turnover. Alhamdulillah turnover of business knows Pak Jaelani this month amounted to Rp370.000 / day which if added in a month reached Rp 9.620.000, -.

“I say many thanks to Rumah Zakat and donors for the donations that have been given. With this help, my business can be more developed and my turnover is initially Rp. 4,000,000 to Rp. 9,000,000. Thanks again very much, may the donors be given a better reply. ”

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