BATAM. (16/10) Rumah Zakat distributes Business Capital Assistance for 4 assisted members. The four members assisted were Ibu Hesti Feriana with various cakes and porridge, Kumayati with a tempe chips business, Harini Setyowati with a Brownies cake business and Evarianti with her lontong banana business for breakfast.

Submission of business capital assistance is carried out at the place of business of each assisted member in Mangsang Empowered Village, Batam. The beneficiaries are very grateful to the donators and Rumah Zakat who have distributed this venture capital assistance, they hope that by becoming a member of Rumah Zakat their business will be more advanced.

“Alhamdulilah, the 4 assisted members feel happy when they receive this capital assistance, hopefully their bussiness will be more advanced after getting help, and Insya Allah, in the future they will continue to be fostered and get entrepreneurial knowledge,” said Rusmin, Mangsang Empowered Village Facilitator.


Nurul Ulfa / Lailatul Istikhomah

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