JAKARTA (12/10), one of the empowerment programs implemented in Cakung Empowered Village, East Jakarta is business development and economic assistance for residents. A total of 35 beneficiaries received capital assistance and business facilities of Rumah Zakat. Since February 2017, various businesses began to be run by Cakung residents who get the business assistance. Mostly they open a food business, some others start providing services such as sewing also make handicrafts.

“In Jakarta, the problem of poverty is one of the things that become the problem of citizens. Through economic assistance, we want to help people to be independent and have their own business, “said Jajam Sutrisman, Facilitator of Cakung empowered village.

Most of the beneficiaries of economic aid in Cakung, East Jakarta are parents of Juara school’s students. This is a synergy between the Head of SD Juara and Jajam.

“This is one of the forms of commitment and cooperation that we undertake to provide assistance to the parents. So that not only the children are helped through Senyum Juara Program at SD Juara Jakarta, we hope their parents can also be helped, “said Ahmad Kosasi, Principal of SD Juara East Jakarta.

One of the beneficiaries of this program is Nova Daniar Sumalatan. Everyday, he and his wife Fitria Sari sell bakpau. The bakpau is made by Fitria herself. In one of her mother’s rented rooms, Fitria started making dough, shaping, and steaming the bakpau.

Previously, Nova took the bakpau from others. However, because the distance is far enough, Nova finally decided to produce her own bakpau. After doing some experiments, finally, the bakpau is created quite acceptable to the customer. Besides entrusting her product in stalls around, not infrequently Nova and Fitria get an order bakpau for arisan, party, and other events.

“Yes initially, the stall owner complaint about the bakpau, they said it is lack of taste but after trying again, finally people like it” said Nova.

Nova added, his business is growing after getting assistance of dough machine from Rumah Zakat. With these machines, the production process can be faster and easier. The amount of daily production can increase. In addition to herself, Fitria is also assisted by two neighbors. For this couple, providing work to others become one of their ideals.

“Alhamdulillah, now our neighbors help us. We are helped because the production process becomes faster, they can also earn additional income, “said Fitria.

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