BOJONEGORO. Sumodikaran Village as Rumah Zakat assisted village in Dander, Bojonegoro has the potential of natural and human resources that are quite abundant. Based on statistical data and the Need Assessment (NA) process shows that the existing potential has not been optimized for the economic development of the local village community.

Therefore the village meeting proposed a community economic empowerment program, especially the potential of small businesses that already existed in this Sumodikaran village. After four months the results of NA were submitted to Rumah Zakat, finally in September this can be discussed.

For this initial phase program assistance has been distributed from Rumah Zakat in the form of business facilities and capital as well as product and network marketing strengthening, on Saturday (22/9) the assistance given to five beneficiaries in the gazebo of Madin Baitul Ghofur.

“Alhamdulillah, the distribution of this business assistance went smoothly”, said Farida Afriani, the Empowered Village Facilitator.

As empowered village facilitator, Farida also hopes that this program can be an encouragement for beneficiaries to be able to achieve success in entrepreneurship.


Meanwhile, Sifaul Rohmah, one of the beneficiaries, was very happy and grateful for the assistance provided. “What a dream I was last night, got this unexpected rizki,” Sifa said excitedly.


Then in another opportunity education activities were also carried out to strengthen products and marketing networks on Tuesday (25/9) ago. As for the development of marketing networks, it is also assisted through collaboration with Baitul Ghofur Mosque Youth so that it can accelerate the turnover of business capital that has been given.

Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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