bb-cara-unik-relawan-rz-bahagiakan-dhuafaBANDUNG. Borong & Berbagi (B & B) Target today is Mr. Sujasman, cassava chips sellers who pass Laswi – streets Gatot Subroto, Bandung. He is about 65 years. He walked carry his product with a cane, to be able to hear well he even uses a walker.

Although with such condition, it seems Mr. Sujasman remains spirit to sell his cassava chips every day. “Today we met him to buy up all the cassava chips, but he refused. Turns out a few packets of crisps have been ordered by his customer, so we bought the rest. “Said Pardiman, RZ Volunteer

Hearing RZ volunteers would buy his cassava chips, Mr. Sujasman immediately smiled happy. It means after this, he can directly meet his customer and went home. “Thank you for helping me. I am happy, all of my cassava chips sold out”
“Before parting, we ask where he lives and insyaallah if there is an opportunity, we will visit his house.” Pardiman Continued.
Borong & Berbagi: After buying Mr. Sujasman cassava chips, it’s time to share. Not far from the current location, the cassava chips volunteers directly distributed to rickshaw paddle that was waiting for the passenger.

“Again and again, we hear thanks and saw a happy smile. Although in fact, we are the one who should be grateful, because true happiness is when we share the happiness with other” Closed Pardiman


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