strong>bb-kembali-ukir-senyim-pedagang-kecilJEMBER. B&B (Buy & Share) constantly rolled out in many areas by RZ Volunteer, including in Jember. On Thursday (11/17) night RZ volunteers met one elderly grandmother who is a peanut seller, her name is Surwati.

Grandma Surwati sells the peanut in Jember Plaza. Grandmother who resides in Coralembu Jember Kalisat has to struggled to meet the daily needs alone because her husband is elderly and unable to work again.

“The profit is only Rp 10,000 to Rp 15,000 every night, yes, it is only enough for buying rice, but I am thankful” Grandma Surwati said when talking with RZ volunteers. During the day she usually cleans the peanuts with her husband.

Grandma Surwati slmiled brightly when volunteers want to buy up all the boiled peanuts, “Grandma, Let us buy all of your peanuts” said Ali Akbar, RZ Volunteers. “Yes, yes please,” said Grandma Surwati in disbelief.

Finally, volunteers brought all boiled peanuts from grandma Surwati which they then distributed to people in need in the night, they are pedicab driver, florist even older fathers who were sleeping on the roadside.

Newsroom/Ali Akbar

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