B&B RELAWAN RZ, SEDERHANA NAMUN MEMBAHAGIAKANSURABAYA. Friends of BnB Surabaya held activity of Buy and Share part 3. This activity is carried on in Rungkut Barata Market with beneficiaries Emak Rukiati (85), a vegetable seller.


Actions undertaken by BnB friend began at 09:00 until 10:30 attended by 8 RZ volunteers commanded by two volunteers, namely Adam and Satrio as PIC of BnB program. “We bought her vegetable such as: cabbage, lettuce, sprouts, tomato, eggplant, cucumber, lemon, carrot and papaya. Initially, he asked to be paid Rp 300,000, but we buy at RP 500,000 in accordance with the mandate of our donators, “said Adam, (18/01).


“We chose Emak Rukiati because someone as old as he still has great motivation to strive to support her self without having to depend on the people around. According to information obtained by the BnB team through survey, if the vegetables are not sold, she use to sell her vegetables accompanied by her son using rickshaws and sell it around the house “Said Adam.


Emak Rukiati said, “I am very happy to get assistance from you all, may Allah give his blessing and abundance sustenance to volunteers and donators”


After buying the vegetables, volunteer bought up and distributed the vegetable to the public. “There are about 44 packs of vegetables that we distributed to residents, although only vegetable residents were very pleased with the assistance from BnB friend” said Kurnia Dewi as volunteers.


“Hopefully with this agenda more and more people who want to go around conducting simple action and beneficial to others. No need to wait for the rich, but while capable and still we must constantly learn to share, “said Adam.


“Lastly we would like to thank Erwin Adiabakti as a donator for buy & Share part 3,” Adre concluded Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Surabaya.


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