B&B, UKIR SENYUM BAHAGIA KAKEK MIDISURABAYA. B & B friends (Buy and Share) of Surabaya ran the agenda at Jl. A.R Hakim, Keputih, Surabaya. Beneficiaries of the action this time is mbah Midi a toy seller “etek-etek” from Rumah Siput with the price of Rp 2,000 / pcs.


65-year-old grandfather is from Lamongan, East Java, he went to Surabaya to sell his products. He used the time to rest in the morning and afternoon until night to peddle his wares.

On thusday  (12/01) 3 volunteer of RZ Surabaya came to him, for far he seemed very happy. In addition to buy 100 pcs of mbah Midi products amounting to Rp 200,000, RZ volunteers also provided cash assistance amounting to Rp 300,000, in total assistance provided is Rp 500,000.


“I am very happy mas, I got assistance from all and donors may be given sustenance in abundance and could help many people,” said Mbah Midi.


“May we got more blessings, the toys (etek-etek) shared to children in TPQ under RZ Surabaya guidance. Alhamdulillah the chidren are happy with the etek-etek we shared, they can play together” Said Andre, Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Surabaya.

“We hope this activity can be sustainable, so that helped a lot of small vendors,” concluded Satrio, PIC of B & B program.



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