RZ LDKO CilegonBANJARNEGARA. “Primary Education for All” is one of goals in 2015 that has been approved by 191 nations on Millennium Development Goals. Considering it, RZ attempts to support the MDGs through scholarship program distributed particularly for underprivileged students named “Beasiswa Ceria”.

With the spirit of empowering people, RZ and Inspiration Volunteer distributed scholarship assistance to 35 children at Prigi Village, Banjarnegara previous month.

Those beneficiaries were consisted of 15 elementary, 10 secondary, and 10 high school students. In addition, RZ also provides periodic mentoring program for them. “This is one of regular program of RZ. We hope that it could alleviate the number of school dropout rate student in Indonesia,”, an inspiration volunteer member said.

RZ expects that it can stimulate beneficiaries to be noble, independent, health, smart, creative, and deft through the program. ***

Source : RZ Magz Edisi Oktober 2015

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