0805 RUMAH ZAKAT BERBAGI BEASISWA KHUSUS DANNIS COLLECTIONSURABAYA. Sunday (07/05) Rumah Zakat conducted coaching and distributing the Dannis Collection’s special scholarship at Rumah Dannis, Sawhaan-Surabaya. The coaching Anak Juara of Dannis were divided into 8 groups based on their respective school level.

Coached by brothers and sisters of Rumah Zakat Volunteers Surabaya, Anak Juara who coached as many as 60 children starting their activity at 08.00 am, started with recitation and muroja’ah Quran. Then proceed with the coaching material about “Happy to Greet the Holy Month of Ramadan”.

Delivering of material be adjusted to each the level of the child they coached. The group in the grade 3rd elementary for example, children are asked to convey what was interesting from Ramadan through pictures.

While the Anak Juara grade the 4th-6th elementary school students were asked to convey about what they missed from Ramadan through writing stories on a piece of paper. They also wrote about what they missed from Ramadan.

And the materials for SMP and SMA was the method of motivation. It was expected that children who have entered baligh age period could be further improve the quality of their worship. Not only that, for SMA who soon would be graduated also inserted motivational material for their steps to continue their study, don’t stop on this level of their education.

“After graduation I actually want to go to the college, but I look for work first. I want to work while study in college so I can ease the burden of my parents. “Said Wahid, one of the 3rd grade SMA.

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