photo_2015-11-02_17-24-06JAKARTA. Education is a means to develop skills and improve the quality of life. Cost limit become one of the obstacles in education continuity which are often found in the community. As a form of concern for the underprivileged children in the areas of education, LAZIS Amalia Astra in collaboration with RZ organizing Special Scholarship Program.
Special Scholarship Program is given to 22 Anak Juara Jakarta Kebon Jeruk and Kemanggisan region. The elected children are orphans who still attending primary school level based on direct surveys which was conducted by field officer of RZ. The location of the premiere special scholarship distribution held at RZ Harsono, Jl. Filodenrum I # 27 001/010 North Sukabumi, Kebon Jeruk.

In anak juara development activity in October 2015, anak juara Special Scholarship program LAZIS Amalia Astra participated in the event by joining taarof (Introduction) session, the activities continued with the theme “Adab Makan dan Minum” ( Islamic Table Manner). Certainly in the future anak juara development activity will be conducted routinely every month.

“Hopefully through coaching, it can create children who are noble, independent, healthy, intelligent, creative and nimble. This certainly will not be realized without the synergy with parents. Therefore, coaching is not only obtained by anak juara, parents will receive regular development activity from RZ. “Said Renaldo, Branch Manager RZ Harsono.

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