SUKABUMI. Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Sukabumi distributed Superqurban corned in Ciawitali village RT 02/10, Bencoy village, Cireunghas district, Sukabumi on Saturday (02/09). In this village there are 48 families, but the volunteers only visited the furthest location which is inhabited by only 16 families and blocked by the vast garden. The road to this location can only be accessed using a 2-wheeled vehicle, with rocky roads and red ground.

Unlike the case with other areas that most of the citizens can enjoy the meat dishes during Idul Adha, residents of Ciawitali village has been a few years could not feel it because there is no qurbany there.

Local residents claimed their villagers did not hold the qurbany yet, although most of the residents maintain goats, it is because that goats only a deposit from residents outside this village.

“If the goats labored 2 goatling, 1 for those who have goats for us, if we have goats are usually sold to fulfill their daily needs, because the jobs here are not certain”. said one of the residents.

We hope Ciawitali citizens can feel the same with other residents, so that volunteers of Rumah Zakat Sukabumi visit this area and distributed 200 cans of Superqurban corned which is processed from the qurbany meat.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat that has been distributing corned beef to us, may Allah repay his virtues in multiples”. Say Mrs. Maskanah, one of the beneficiaries.
Pak Dikri, volunteer of Rumah Zakat that build Bencoy village, expressed his gratitude, “Thank you very much for visiting Rumah Zakat and sharing it to Bencoy village, hopefully it becomes a charity for all of us” he said.

In addition to the distribution of Superqurban corned beef, there is also the opening of a reading park which is conducted by volunteers from other communities.


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