begini-cara-sd-juara-cimahi-tingkatkan-kecerdasan-majemuk-siswaCIMAHI. In order to present a fun learning about nature and agricultural products and to improve students’ multiple intelligences, SD Juara Cimahi carried out interesting lesson by encouraging students to cook processed vegetables and fruit.

The menus are processed include vegetable croquette, banana aroma fried and fruit soup. To do so the students were divided into 3 groups of cooks, equipment and materials brought by the students by dividing the task and collected money. “In this activity, children are expected to complete the task in groups according to the instructions given.” Said Jajang Sudarsa, Teacher of SD Juara Cimahi

This activity has a very good benefit for children of which can increase interpersonal intelligence, as is done in groups; increasing intelligence mathematical logic through measuring, predict, understand the sequence and procedures; improve speaking intelligence, understand instruction, vocabulary, convey ideas when interacting to each other; improve Naturalis intelligence, familiar with a variety of vegetables and fruits, shapes, colors, and a variety of benefits therein; problem solving, learn to solve problems; working with neat, clean and complete.

Newsroom/Jajang Sudarsa

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