YOGYAKARTA. “The most important things are patience and painstaking, sometimes profit and loss is common,” Mr. Wito’s message to elderly mothers in the Training of Entrepreneurial Activity for the Elderly (16/09) held by the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Indonesia.

This time Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Patehan Village, Yogyakarta Edy Dwi Daryapto, collaborated with Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Bantul, Sarmuji Mulyono. They presented Mr. Wito as an inspirational figure at the event which located at Wisma Sargede, elderly ladies were trained for 3 days. And in the last day the audience would get motivation.

In 2000, his wife had passed away, soon his son also followed because of the illness he suffered. Such circumstances do not discourage him to continue his life, especially he also took care of his grandchildren.

He lives alone, his granddaughter who enliven the house now went with her parents. Nevertheless, his days are still passed by continuing activities as usual such as social, worship, and selling. Gratefully he has neighbors and caretakers who care for him.
At the end he shared tips on his fresh face and body at his advanced age, “Life is made comfortable, grateful, I even also work as gojek driver, ma’am.” He said.


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