JAKARTA. Saturday (10/20), Rumah Zakat Foster Children ‘Anak Juara’ were invited to learn to plant using the hydroponic method at the Muara Hydroponic House, West Tanjung. Hydroponics is simply plant cultivation by utilizing water without using soil by emphasizing the fulfillment of nutritional needs for plants.

The coaching this time is a joint formation of Anak juara Tanjung Barat target area from elementary to high school levels. 40 children participated in hydroponic training this time.

During the training activities, the children are first invited to make pots from bottles of used mineral water. Next, they are given seeds to be planted in rockwool planting media. The seeds used are Pakcoy plant. Not to forget, the seeds of the plant are given water that has been added with nutrients.

“I am Happy with training it is full of knowledge but also enjoyable so that I am inspired to become a farmer to this era, “said Windy, one of Anak Juara who attended the training.

The participants of this training are beneficiaries of the Anak Juara scholarship from Rumah Zakat donators. In addition to scholarships, children in the target area receive assistance in the form of coaching and educational activities with Rumah Zakat volunteers.



Rudia Nuryadin / Lailatul Istikhomah

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