RenangMost people know if exercise has health benefits for the body. sports can provide fitness and affect human brain systems. Some exercise offers benefits for the brain. One of them is swimming.

Swimming can improve blood circulation to the brain. A new study claims that a person’s blood circulation will be better when it is in the water than on land. This study was conducted to look at the cardiovascular benefits of some activities.

Researchers claim that when the body was soaking in water up to the chest, blood circulation will increase to some parts especially the brain. Researchers who study about the relationship between water and brain activity with a group consist of 10 people.

Test subjects were first made to stand in an empty pool. After checking the heart rate and other data, the water flowed into the pool up until the chest. Data were collected and analyzed back. As a result, swimming can also release endorphins. This happens because of an increase in hippocampal neurogenesis.

Additionally, because blood flow to the brain more smoothly when swimming, making more nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Swimming involves stretching, movements and breathing into activities better to avoid stress and improve health. So, swimming can be a good exercise to keep the brain sharp and active body.


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