RZ LDKO CilegonCILEGON. CILEGON. RZ Cilegon re-implement community development programs that include teaching- Learning, BBTQ (Learn to Read and Write Qur’an) and Majlis Hikmah at ICD Citangkil region.

Education for children is an important matter in Islam. In the Quran we find how God relates Luqman’s -advices which are become a form of education for their children. Similarly, in the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, we have encountered many forms of education for children, both of command and deed, he educates his children directly.

One of the most effective Children’s education methods is trough coaching on a regular basis, form of coaching is implemented by forming Tutorial learning Juara Cilegon held in Bascamp KRN Link. Tegal Ramanuju RW 11 Citangkil. The number of participants who attended the activity are 30 people, they are actively participating in Community Development program for Teaching and Learning activities, this activity initiated by the National Volunteer Committee and RZ Cilegon, Saturday (14/11).

This activity initiated since two months ago, held every Saturday starting from 16:00 to 17:30 until before Maghrib prayer time, and represent the Mentor from KRN Anggelina and Salman Al-Farisi as a teacher.

Humaedi as a facilitator of Community empowerment RZ and Iroh Basyiroh as a coordinator KRN explained in his speech about programs that can be synergized with the society, one of the programs is Tutorial Learning. About 30 participants of tutorial learning Juara cilegon received stationary, learning material such as religion subject, IQRO, common subject such as Engglish and math, the participant is tutored by Iroh Basyiroh, Anggelina dan Salma Al-Farisi.

“Alhamdulilah, by holding this kind of activities, such as learning tutorial, I become more enthusias in learning and enhancing my knowledge about the lessons, such as read IQRO , English and others Science Thanks RZ and KRN “ Reveald Tika sari, one of the participants.***

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