KUNINGAN. Rumah Zakat with its program “Sharing Water for live” once again distributed water in two drought areas in Singkup, Kuningan, West Java on (09/09) and (11/09).

It has become a sure thing on dry season, Singkup is always hit by drought and lack of clean water, this is due to the area placed is in the highlands.

“Probably because the area is in the highlands and there are two rivers so if drought water down to the river” said one resident.

Empowered Village Facilitator for Singkup, Durlia Irwan said that in both points artesian well is available but not yet able to reach all the community besides the water quality is not good, finally every dry season people need clean water so that water aid from Rumah zakat is awaited by them.

“Almost every year Rumah Zakat always contributes to alleviate the clean water problem in Singkup, this time 30.000 liters of clean water directly distributed in two concentration point that is in RW.06 Cintamanah and RW 07 Gobang” Said Irawan.

Although the clean water that is distributed has not been able to meet all the water needs for residents Singkup but its existence is very helpful.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat is always there when we need” said community leaders of Singkup.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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