SURABAYA. (12/11) Rumah Zakat Surabaya again held a sharing with orphan event, this time in the form of vacation to Lumajang. At 06.00 am, Anak Juara (Rumah Zakat’s foster children) gathered excitedly at SD Juara Surabaya and preparing for departure. The event followed by 45 children from several assisted areas of Rumah Zakat Surabaya.

Departure starts at 07.00 am, with excited and joyous children through the journey without obstacles. Arriving at the location, Tubing Centul City Adventure Lumajang at 10.00 pm, the children took a rest for a moment while enjoying the snack that has been provided. The event began with archery, each child have opportunity to practice archery accompanied by a coach from volunteers of Rumah Zakat Surabaya.

At 12.00, the children performed the dhuhur prayers together and started preparing for the main agenda. Eagerly and cheerfully the children started to board the truck that will take them to the starting place of the tubing. At 13.30 WIB, all participants fluttered in the river with their respective tires, boisterous laughter and jokes sounded from them. It seems that theyreally enjoyed the challenging tubing trip. Until they arrive at the finish line they are very happy.

“Haaaaaa very exciting kaaaaak … is there a trip that more challenging than this?” said one of the participants.

“I’m very happy kak, I want to join this event again,” said the other participants.

The event finished at 16.00 pm, the children began to clean themselves and preparing for the trip home. The event closed with the distribution of parcels and allowance.

Newsroom/ Didi Umroh


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