BERBAGI DARAH BERBAGI CINTABANDUNG, Saturday (18/02), Relawan Nusantara RZ Bandung  in cooperation with Tafio Foundation held The Donating Blood Donor event,  at TK Masjid Nurul Falaah Jl. Rajamantri Kidul No. 6 Bandung.

From early in the morning, 15 Relawan Nusantara Bandung has ready stayed at the registration desk.

Blood Donor agenda was running smoothly, thanks to the other team have involved, such as Tafio Foundation, PMI Bandung, Pemuda Kahfi and SALE community (Sahabat Lengkong).

Total of 98 people were registered as donors. But only 70 people are allowed to donate their blood due to any reasons  such as the lack of weight, less of blood pressure, HB was below the average, and etc.

Besides of that, Relawan Nusantara Bandung also provide some Soevenirs and Corned to the participants.

“Alhamdulillah Donating Blood event  went smoothly. Ater Dzuhur prayer  all the donors have finished donating blood, “said one volunteer Nusantara Bandung

Newsroom/Dea Sukmara 


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