2903 BERBAGI ILMU MENJAGA KESEHATAN GIGI DI SD BANYURESMIBANDUNG, Saturday, (25/03)  The day of oral health worldwide is  the essential agenda in health world.  With the commemoration day, hopefully all the aspects of community can increase the awareness of the mouth and dental health.

This essential agenda was also commemorating by the student of university of STIKES Jeneral Achmad Yani Cimahi. They are Idfhi Marfatmawati, Asri Nurjanah, and Nursyifa, the three students of university were accompanied by Indah, Health team of Rumah Zakat Bandung visited the pupils of SD Banyuresmi.

“that was my friends when I was a student of the university, they want to become a volunteer since the last time, so  I invited them to give the knowledge to the pupils of SD Banyuresmi that located in empowered village of Tanjung Wangi, West bandung,”said Indah

In that visiting, the student of the university gave the knowledge of how to take care the mouth and dental health. With the spirit and cheerfulness, Indah, Idhfi, Asri and Nusryifa also encouraged the pupils to commemorate the day of water worldwide.

“we connected the day of mouth and dental worldwide with the day of water worldwide. As the result the pupils was very enthusiastic followed this activity started from the drawing match till the coaching and the practice”

This activity ended with the handing of the gifts and the watching of mouth and dental health animation film till 12:00 am

Newsroom/Nurul rahayu


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