0403 BERBAGI SENYUM BERSAMA ANAK BANGSAPEKANBARU, Friday (3/3), Relawan Nusantara Pekanbaru held an event entitled ‘Sharing Smiles With The Children’ in Children Prison Class II B Pekanbaru, for two days, namely on December 3 and March 4, 2017.

“Today’s opening short tausiyah, and delivery of corned Superqurban. Saturday we continued the fun games and watched together” said Fajri Sabti, Coordinator of Relawan Nusantara Pekanbaru.

A total of 160 cans of corned handed over to the prison which will be used as supplementary food for children in prisons.

Mr. Siregar as Chairman LPKA (Special Children’s Development Institute) Class II Pekanbaru hope activities like this can continue to accompany the moral education of children and open for further cooperation creative activities.

In tausiyah, Ustad Umar Khattab, S.Pd convey how to be a better person so fortunate afterlife. Although as human beings we’ve made a mistake, God forgive His servants who truly repent.

The opening of which was attended by 35 children and 12 volunteers Prison is running smoothly. The event was closed ahead of Friday prayers preparation and will be resumed tomorrow.

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