BERBAGI SENYUM RAMADHAN ALA RZBANDUNG. This year, RZ launched a program named “Berbagi Senyum Ramadhan.” This program is initiated to be implemented in Intergrated Community Development (ICD) areas. There are 121 ICD areas located in West Java and 30% of them are located in Bandung. Ria Arianti, RZ Marketing Head, said that there are 4 sub-programs consisted in “Berbagi Senyum Ramadhan” namely Berbagi Buka Puasa (Ifthar), Kado Lebaran Yatim (Eid Gift for Orphan), Bingkisan Lebaran Keluarga (Eid Gift for the Needy), and Syiar Qur’an (29/6).

She added that these sub-programs will be implemented during the Ramadhan. “The distribution of the sub-programs will be focused in all ICD areas. However, we do not preclude the distribution outside the ICD area.

Arianti said that in addition to cooperate with mosques in Indonesia, RZ also cooperate with orphanage and local citizens. “We aim to distribute the packages in 11 regions for the first week,” she said.

RZ aims to distribute 15.000 ifthar packages that will be spread in 8 cities during the Ramadhan. RZ cooperates with PT Sriboga Flour Mills in the provision of this package. She added that RZ aims to distribute 2,500 packages of Ifthar per day in West Java.***

Courtesy: Koran Sindo

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