“Just getting a stick a day can only get Rp30,000, so I switched to planting vegetables with the help of seeds from Rumah Zakat,” Kasmirun said

Age did not prevent Kasmirun from remaining powerless, He, who was in his 70s for three years, still worked hard to care for his vegetable garden for a bite of rice. If Previously Kasmirun could only pocket Rp. 30,000 from the sale of sticks he collected, so from Kasmirun’s vegetable garden he could get at least IDR 50,000 per day.

“Thank God, every day my wife and I deliver these vegetables to food stalls around Sahkuda Bayu. At Sahkuda Bayu, only us have a vegetable garden so that this vegetable always sold old. Ahamdulillah, “Kasmirun said happily.

Although gardening is not a new experience for Kasmirun, working as a vegetable farmer is something new for him. Kasmirun claimed he still did not understand how to treat fertilizers that are right for the plants. He is still confused concocting fertilizers so that the vegetable crops are more fertile.

So far what he planted has never failed, but of course he wants to plant a variety of other vegetables. In Kasmirun’s garden there are Water spinach, spinach, mustard greens are also chili. Planting vegetables is seasonal, such as Kasmirun, which replaces eggplant with sweet mustard plants, and now in the middle cultivate the soil prepared for planting sweet corn.

“My four children have married all, now I live with my wife and make money from this garden. Thank you Rumah Zakat for your help. I hope in the future, Rumah Zakat can provide tool and assistance from Mr. Herman, “Kasmirun expressed his hope.



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