PEKALONGAN. Monday (18/09) Ainun Nur Fahmi, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Tunjungsari Village, Kec. Siwalan Kab. Pekalongan initiated a program of planting or cultivation of Papaya California trees in the yard of a resident’s house.

California papaya cultivation program is done by distributing 2 seeds to each house in RT 12 / RW 03. With this program is expected citizens can meet their own nutritional needs or even can be commercialized.

This program resulted from a discussion between the Rumah Zakat Facilitator and cadre activator to utilize the home yard with California Papaya Tree cultivation. The program was started at the home of Mr. Subkhi, the head of RT 12 / RW 03.

In addition to the socialization also held Agricultural Extension by Mr. Caslori, on the good of cultivation of California Papaya trees. Papaya California is chosen because it tastes sweeter, the selling price is more expensive than other types of papaya and more adaptable to the local environment.

In his presentation Pak Caslori explains how to plant a good papaya tree, “First thing to do is to prepare the planting hole first with the size 50 x 50 x 50 cm. After that, the topsoil is first and mixed with manure or organic. Then planted with papaya trees, “he said.

He also added that to note in planting Papaya Tree is the need for water because Papaya trees need to be watered especially in the dry season.

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