PONOROGO. (3/8) Breeding, especially goats and cattle, is not really a strange job for the people of Morosari Empowered Village Sukorejo Ponorogo. But the life of Morosari breeders from year to year is not improving whereas Morosari residents make their livestock as a financial solution mainstay in times of emergency, such as for Eid fitr or New School Year. So when the Eid al-Adha, which is actually a peak season (‘harvest’) for farmers, Morosari residents got nothing because no cattle left.

Starting from this concern, Amah Hida as Empowered Village Facilitator for Morosari, on August 16, 2016 initiated the formation of Morosari Mandiri Livestock Group which now consists of 43 people. The group is accompanied also by two experts from Genpro Livestock Ponorogo, namely drh. Mahendra and drh. Siti Barokah. Alternately, the two consultants conducted guidance to members of Morosari Mandiri Livestock Group.

Periodically, Amah also makes a visit to the group members to motivate to continue to be eager to develop their business. As she did on Sunday (30 /07), which is to visit the goat pens owned by Sarengat, Chairman of Morosari Mandiri Livestock Group in Lorkali Hamlet. The enclosure surrounded by grass Elephant and Kaliandra is now inhabited by 13 goat dairy type of PE and Saneen.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to the assistance from Rumah Zakat, I changed my animal husbandry strategy from a year ago, from rancher to business rancher, I used to grow Java goat, but the result was not satisfactory, then changed to Merino lamb, the result is good, Now I change to dairy goat PE and Alhamdulillah since April the cow produce two to three liters per day. I packed it in 500ml bottle and in Ponorogo it can be sold 20.000 rupiah per bottle, so every day I can get 120.000 rupiah”The waiting time is not too long,” said Sarurat (52 yrs).

On that occasion Amah also encourage cooperation in Morosari Mandiri Livestock Group, especially to help members who are still classified as poor. She also initiated that there is a Gaduh system between members, members who have sires can help other members who are constrained about the seeds and operating costs.

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