WONOGIRI. It has become commonplace when young people in the village flock to the city after graduating high school. The goal is none other than to find work. Seeing the phenomenon, some community leaders Ngupun Village Giriwoyo Wonogiri are concern about it. Likewise with Muhammad Yasin who is a local youth figure, he has the same thoughts, “If all the youth are traveling to the city, then who will build the village? Maybe one solution is to be able to create their own jobs” Yasin said to Volunteers Rumah Zakat, Nofrida.


Rumah Zakat understand and appreciates the input. Therefore, Rumah Zakat took the initiative to conduct a seminar in the form of motivation to entrepreneurship training to the youth. In addition, volunteers also provide brainstorming with potential beneficiaries, ie active members of youth forum.

On Sunday (06/18) volunteers Rumah Zakat held entrepreneurial practices in Ngancar Village along with some members of youth forum. They immediately shop for items needed for joint practice to be held in the residence of Teguh Supriyanto, S.Ag, M.Pd.I, chairman of BPD Ngancar village.


The basic ingredients used in entrepreneurial practice this time are based on fruits. Starting from the utilization of bananas, eventually varied with various other fruits, chocolate Ice fruit, the creations that will be made by women group. One by one, the fruit is peeled and cut into small pieces, then arranged alternately in a skewer. Then put in the freezer and then covered with chocolate and various toppings such as meses, etc. This manufacturing process lasts for 2 days.


Besides being taught to make their own products, Rumah Zakat volunteers provide guidance to determine the selling price. Mulyadi, a resilient farmer and timber seller appreciated the pioneering effort. “The activities held by volunteers Rumah Zakat is very good, let the children feel the difficulty of making money, not just ask for it,” he said in the Java language.


After making chocolate fruit ice, the evening was brought to the mosque area for sale. Target buyers are citizens who have been doing congregational prayers. Activities are conducted every night until the merchandise he carried out.


With activities such as this entrepreneurial practice, it is expected that young people in the village no longer wander to the city to find work, but to promote the economy of the village by creating jobs through entrepreneurship.

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