BERDAYAKAN WARGA, RUMAH ZAKAT HADIRKAN PERPUSTAKAAN SAMPAHLiputan6.com, Jakarta. As a form of consistency to preserve the environment, Rumah Zakat ICD Pamoyanan, Bogor held Trash Library program. In this Trash Library every citizen is required to bring trash as a ticket to be able to read and borrow books at the library.

“The Library is of course the ultimate goal is to increase the spirit of reading and literacy in Bogor, especially at Pamoyanan Village. Then we try to collaborate to another purpose which is to reduce the amount of waste as one of a problem in Indonesian society today,” said Elan Zaelani, Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat, Thursday (09/03).

Elan added, that the waste collected will be saving each resident in the region Waste Bank. According to him, currently there are about 30 people made up of children and mothers who regularly visit the library.

“My goal is to provide a more decent place for the library. Because now we still used the small room that couldn’t accommodate the library visitor properly.” said Elan.

In addition at  Pamoyanan, recently Rumah Zakat also launched Corner Read at Posyandu Krajan ICD Kedungrejoso, Probolinggo. The reading corner is provided specifically for parents and toddlers who are doing immunization program at the Posyandu.



Source: http://citizen6.liputan6.com/read/2880536/bogor-hadirkan-perpustakaan-sampah-seperti-apa


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