BERI BANTUAN BECAK MOTOR, RZ SUPPORT USAHA PAK RAMITOPEKANBARU Ramito (35) is one of the members of entrepreneurial program RZ built since the beginning of 2016. He stays in Jalan Pembina 4 RT 03 / RW 13 Lembah Sari village, district. Coastal tassel, Pekanbaru with his wife and all five of his children are still attending school.

Pak Ramito story of the struggle to earn a living for his family began with the production of sugarcane juice since the 1990s when migrated to Pekanbaru. This effort was initiated by Mr. Ramito to capitalize the money of Rp 100,000 to buy sugarcane at Rumbai Market.

Sugarcane Machine for sugarcane juice he bought from selling goats that he takes care. Originally sugarcane juice sell for kids in TPA and schools around the house of Ramito, then evolved into a serious business when it opened near the market in Jl. Pembina.

Mr. Ramito sells sugarcane juice by selling it on the edge of the road which is assisted by his wife and children because he also had to become a parking attendant in the area.

He takes parking attendant profession due to the lack of income from selling sugarcane juice.
But at the end of 2015 his wife suffered from wet lung disease and should be treated that way at least for 6 months. So as to finance the treatment of his wife forced Mr. Ramito sold his motorcycle he used to wear to pick sugar cane to sell sugar cane market so that his access is very limited.

But this does not become a barrier Pak Ramito to keep trying to make a living for his family. Seeing Pak Ramito persistence, RZ in Economic Empowerment program, which carried the theme #sharinghappiness seeks to reduce the burden and help Pak Ramito by providing a rickshaw motor on Friday (01/07) at his residence.

“This aid given by RZ donators is very valuable and useful to facilitate my business selling sugarcane juice and from there my motor can sell the fruits around to Siak. Thank God there is an increase in earnings in the presence of this motor. Thank you so much to all the donors who have provided assistance to my family. The help given by donator is very beneficial for my businesses and the lives of my family. Only God can repay all the kindness of donators. “, He said with emotion.

Now with the motor tricycles, he plans to increase his business by selling vegetables. Because the motor can pick vegetables straight from the garden, even with all the limitations that exist, Mr. Ramito determined to continue the spirit and endeavor, so that he could continue to finance the 5 children, and also to provide adequate treatment for his wife.

Newsroom / Nur Shyfa

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