BERKAT BANK SAMPAH RZ, LINGKUNGAN MULAI BERSIH Bandarlampung (Antara Lampung). (04/08) Trash Bank that was initiated by residents of Kampung Keramat began to show its results, namely Bandarlampung coastal area begins to clean and the people’s economy is getting better.

“Trash Bank that we established since 2014 and is very helpful, especially in terms of cleanliness,” said Nurhayati (35), a resident of Kampung Keramat, Kelurahan Sukaraja, Kecamatan Bumiwaras, Bandarlampung, Kamis.

He said, before the trash bank established, the area was very dirty and the scent is very bad.

“But after this program, the cleanliness of our region is getting better,” he said.

He continued, from the management of the Trash bank, residents can take advantage of organic waste to be processed into ready-made fertilizer.

“For dry waste such as plastic bottles can be sold also to the collector. The results of the sale saved can be used at any time by the residents, “he said.

Nurhayati, as treasurer of the Trash Bank continued, the money from the sale of dry waste is stored to be used to buy supplies for nutrient garden which is currently managed by the residents.

“The wet waste is used as fertilizer,” She said.

Zulekah the chief of nutrient garden said that during this time that the residents take advantage of wet waste to be used as fertilizer.

“This fertilizer is produced by garbage from waste bank management, so far it’s highly effective and had already reduced the volume of waste in the region,” She said.

She said the program was originally initiated by NGO RZ Lampung branch and the villagers liked it because it helps reducing waste.

RZ Lampung branch head, Yan Yan Budiman said that it is one of the programs that become RZ’s focus, and using from residents back to the residents management.

“Previously, the area is full of garbage but after we educate them that the trash is also valuable” she said.

She said, the organic waste is sold and the proceeds deposited to be used for nutrient garden and the rest of it become resident’s saving.

Source: http://lampung.antaranews.com/berita/291553/berkat-bank-sampah-lingkungan-mulai-bersih?utm_source=fly&utm_medium=related&utm_campaign=news

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