Relawan RZ, Syauqi bersama warga GazaBANDUNG. Thursday (10/7), was the fourth day of Zionist Israel aggression in Gaza, Palestine. During the aggression entitled “Protective Edge Operation”, Imperialist Israel has bombarded Gaza 751 times. According to Komisi Nasional untuk Rakyat Palestina (KNRP) on its twitter there are 103 destroyed mosques and civilian houses, more than 700 injured people, and 75 people who die as Syuhada.

“The aggression of Israel in this Ramadhan is a very cruel and inhumanity attack. As a Muslim we have to aware and concern toward the Palestinian. Thus, RZ facilitate people who want to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said.

Efendi explained that it is not the first assistance implemented by RZ for Palestinian. In 2011, RZ sent one of its volunteer, Syauqi Mujahid Rabbani, to join with other NGOs and distribute assistances to the Palestinian.

“Gaza’s condition was very poor at that time, there were many public infrastructures destroyed by the imperialist Israel such as mosques and hospitals,” Mujahid told his experience in 2011.

By collaborating with KNRP, Palestine Ambassador, and others, RZ attempts to distribute assistances in the form of foods, medicines, and cash money. “Though today is impossible to enter Gaza, but we will keep collecting the donation for Gaza because their suffering is our suffering,” Efendi added.***

Newsroom/Titin Latifah


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