SEMARANG. Tuesday (25/07), a variety of ways to do in an effort to preserve the environment, ranging from tree planting to reforestation to the provision of fruit seeds, both conducted by the government and private.

Awareness to preserve nature needs to be instilled from an early age, such as the children of Wonolopo Urban Village, Semarang City. After school, they happily brought the beverage bottles to be recycled for vegetable cultivation. The bottles are perforated middle, there is a long box or rounded round as a place of growing plants. Also the bottom side in the hole for the disposal of the remaining water, then colored and written their names respectively.

Activities initiated by the Village Facilitator Berdaya Rumah Zakat continued the next day with the provision of planting media and seeding seeds. For husk and manure, the ratio is 1: 1.

Here they are taught how to use waste, patience to see the process of growing plants and responsible for growing it by their self. Starting from entering the seeds to watering. As the reward when it is big the plants can be brought back to their homes.

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