Tuesday (10/10) Rumah Zakat Volunteers who participates in Expedition of Bhakti PMK 2017 arrives at the first location in Muna District, Southeast Sulawesi after a 4 day trip using KRI Banjarmasin 592 ship.

The Expedition of Bhakti PMK 2017 was held from 6 October 2017 until 9 November 2017 with 5 area of ​​expedition destination at East Indonesia, namely Muna Island in Southeast Sulawesi, Tual and Dobo in Southeast Maluku, Agats and Merauke in Papua.

“Right at 11:00 WITA KRI Banjarmasin 592 ship docked in the Port of Raha, Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.  Alhamdulilah, we were welcomed by people from elementary to high school, and greeted directly by Regent of Muna, Mr. I. M. Rusman Emba, ST at his official residence “said Nur Aprilita, Volunteer Coordinator of Palembang who became one of Rumah Zakat representatives.

In Muna island, Team of Rumah Zakat Volunteers distributes 150 packages of school equipment and 13 packages of educational toys for kindergarten and elementary school of Insan Cendekia located at Jalan Gatot Subroto, Lr. Midsumi, Laiworu Subdistrict, Batalaiworu, Muna Regency.

“Thank you Volunteers of Rumah zakat for school equipment aid and educational toys package” said Ustadzah Nina one of the teachers at SD Insan Cendekia

Besides distributing school supplies and educational toys, Volunteer team plans to distribute Quran, Iqro, mukena, first aid kit and organizing training of disaster alert.


Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah

Muna – Shouteast Sulawesi

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