bimbel-ini-buat-anak-anak-makin-semangat-belajarTANGERANG. Learning is the most important thing for every human being, ranging from young children to adults. Education for a child is not enough only in institutions of formal education, such as elementary, junior high and others. Out of school activities in the environment are also education for children.

As conducted by RZ through its facilitator in community development, RZ conducts English Tutoring class held precisely in Rengas, Jl. WR. Supratman, gg. Cemara, RW. 11, Kel. Rengas, Kec. Ciputat Timur, South Tanggerang.

English Tutoring activity carried out regularly every Sunday on 01:00 until 03:00 pm, and it has been running about two months. The response from parents and children is very good, so the number of children who participates the class has reached 20 people.

As for coaching and facilities provided by the RZ. Among English teachers and the distribution of a book for children.

“Alhamdulillah, with English Tutoring from RZ, children’s play time is used for the study. And it helps children in completing their homework” Said Mrs. Sarah, one of the parents.

One community leader, Mrs. Hj. Budiasih stated very supportive with RZ’s program, where children can use play time to learn. “Rather than children wandering here and there on Sunday, it is better for them to learn” she said.

“With English Tutoring class, I am able to learn English a little by little, and it could help me to do my English homework,” said Nayla (9), one of the participants.

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