BANDUNG. Tuesday (01/05), Rumah Zakat again distributed the aid for underprivileged family in the Five Empowered Villages of Rumah Zakat n West Java, Assistance called Empowered Family Gifts is given to 15 underprivileged families in the form of money directly spent to meet the daily needs, in the hope that beneficiary families are more empowered to do other business because their basic needs are met.

The Five Empowered Villages are Cisero Village Garut, Tegalurung Village Indramayu, Pangandaran Village, Indra Yaman Village, and Pamoyanan Village Bogor. The beneficiaries are directly escorted by the Empowered Village Facilitator to purchase daily necessities at nearby supermarkets. Happy smile radiated clear from the faces of the beneficiaries while shopping even among the beneficiaries there is a claim that they are the first time to set foot in supermarkets.

“It feels like a dream to shop here, it is my first time,” said Mak Uju happy mixed emotion. Mak uju is an elderly widow who lives in Pamoyanan village of South Bogor, with this aid Mak Uju feels happy and can fulfill her daily needs.

other recipients of this aid is Adah, a resident of Cisero Village. One of his children suffered from malnutrition and therefore the Facilitator chose him as the beneficiary of this assistance, Adah was surprised and happy when Wahyu Facilitator Rumah Zakat invited him to shop for daily necessities, for him this is the first time to shop to supermarket.

“We are shopping like rice, cooking oil, sugar, Instant noodles, soap and others, this unexpected sustenance for us, Alhamdulila, hopefully donator get blessed by Allah, the treasure in alms is replaced with better, also hopefully Rumah Zakat more trusted and successful always, “said Adah.

Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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