JAKARTA. In Ramadan 1439 H this time Rumah Zakat rolling out Ramdhan Berdaya program. One of them is the Family Eid Gift (BLK) with the aim of giving happiness to pre prosperous family all over Indonesia.

The distribution of this Family Eid Gift was carried out by Rumah Zakat in Berdaya Duri Kepa Village, West Jakarta, precisely in Majlis Al-Hikmah, Jl. New Asia RT 03 RW 04, Duri Kepa, Sunday (19/05).

A total of 25 BLKs were given to the less fortunate, widows and elderly. There is a look of happiness from them when they receive a parcel. Gratitude also endlessly recalls from every beneficiary. But from 25 beneficiaries there is one of the residents who cannot attend to the location of distribution. Her name is Bu Sri, Ibu Sri who lost the right foot caused by the disease so it must be amputated. The condition becomes a constraint to come to the location of distribution. Therefore, Rumah Zakat Team directly delivered BLK to her residence.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat has given me and the family this gift. I am very happy and very helpful. Im you must deliver this to my house. May Allah repay all goodness, bestow health and multiply all good deeds, “said Mrs. Sri Astuti (40 years old).

Melda / Lailatul Istikhomah

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