Mrs. Zubaidah (47 th) is a resident of jl. Punai IV RT 21, Ex. Happy Mountain, Kec. Balikpapan Selatan, Balikpapan City, this housewife since December 2017 then suffered kidney failure and had to wash blood twice a week. While the income of husbands as casual laborers is often not sufficient for daily needs and the needs of their adult children’s school. So to help the family economy, Zubaidah sells cakes in the stall that she rented to share with the neighbors. But since she was sick, she was no longer strong to make the cake so that family income is also reduced.

Therefore Mrs. Zubaidah was chosen to be the recipient of Family Eid Gift (BLK) which is a program that was initiated by Rumah Zakat to help pre- prosperous family in Ramadan. Delivery of parcels is done directly at Zubiadah residence with the distance of 500M from the branch office of Rumah Zakat Balikpapan on (17/05).

At the same time BLK was given to Rusdiana, a mother who lives with a husband who had a mild paralysis due to a stroke. Everyday Rusdiana sells homemade cakes and deposits them to neighboring stalls. While her husband still have to work as a parking man in the market Klandasan Balikpapan.

“Hopefully this Lebaran Family gift can help the needy families,” said Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Balikpapan, Sulaiman.

Melda / Lailatul Istikhomah

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