BEKASI. (24/05) One of the awareness of Rumah Zakat Bekasi to the people in Ramadhan is by channeling the aid that is gathered in Ramadhan Berdaya program.

The aid is one of them is Family Lebaran (BLK) which is distributed in Rawasemut Margahayu District Bekasi. This activity is a routine BLK distribution of Rumah Zakat Bekasi during Ramadan 1439 H.

Muhammad Ikbal, as the channeling coordinator, said that the BLK program is part of the special program of Rumah Zakat specifically in Ramadhan which is incorporated in Ramadhan Berdaya Program.

“In Ramadan this year our flagship program is Ifthar, Family Eid Gift, Eid Gift for Orphan, Syiar Quran, Empowered Widow, and Ramadhan Debt – Free “, Ikbal said.

The beneficiaries of Lebaran Gifts This time is Poor and underprivileged residents in Margahayu District. The beneficiaries father (63) who daily work as a janitor, he lived to contract with a wife and a child. Then Sainah (58) she lived alone to be rented while her husband has died long ago. And Ati Aisah (78) who daily work as weaving mats from waste plastic coffee wrap, he lived alone.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very happy and grateful to the donators with Rumah Zakat who are so concerned with me here may Allah SWT always give blessing to Rumah Zakat and the donators,” said the beneficiaries of Family Lebaran Gift.

Melda / Lailatul Istikhomah

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