PALEMBANG. (09/05). Rumah Zakat Volunteer Team distributed Eid Gift packages to Ms. Masnah in the hallway of lorongCendana V RT 27 Kel. Pipa Reja, Kecamatan Kemuning Palembangpada on Thursday.

Ms. Masnah works as a housemaid and her husband works as a pedicab driver. “My husband only works as a pedicab driver, having lived for 28 years in a family and living in a house that is sloping, uneven, and often flooded when it rains,” said Masnah

Masnah very moved and grateful when accepting the Lebaran Family Gift from the Rumah Zakat Volunteers.

” Thank you Rumah Zakat for caring for us, I hope we are also happy in worship. More and more families can be helped, Aamin, “said Ibu 2. She said.


Tsabit/ Lailatul Istikhomah

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