JAKARTA. (07/06), in cooperation with Rumah Zakat in Ramadhan Berdaya program through Orphan Eid Gift (KLY) program. Located at office, jl. MT.Haryono Gd. Metraplaza, Pancoran jakarta Selatan as many as 30 KLY packages provided for orphans assisted by Rumah Zakat East Jakarta.

The children looked happy and very happy when they received Orphan Eid Gift and goody bag and from Not only that the children were invited to play in Kidzania, Pacific Place, Sudirman south jakarta. Juara Children and parties ride a bus to Kidzania.

In kidzania children play according to the ideals they want, one of them Algar who feel very happy when invited to play. Algar is Rumah Zakat foster child whose father died while his mother worked as a laundry worker. Algar is a diligent child and brave children.

“Kaka, I am very happy, this is the first time to play in Kidzania. I aspire to be a news anchor. Thank you kaka, me and my friends praying always success and blessed, “said Algar excited.

Ernawati / Lailatul Istikhomah

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