RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. Last Ramadan, the Mosque Foundation Nusantara (YMN) came out with a new breakthrough with the launch of Mobile Mosque to meet the need for places of worship and facilitate Muslims who want to pray in different places far from the regular place of worship.

This car was design to transport equipment such as prayer rugs, sarong, mukena, kompas pointing on the direction of Qibla in Mecca, as well as water toren complete with a few taps for ablution purposes. Nusantara Mosque Foundation Director Muhammad Sobirin said the car was made possible through donations from YMN donors and also Rumah Zakat (Zakat House).

The capacity of this mosque car around 40-50 people so that it can even be used to perform the ritual prayer on Friday. Sobirin revealed that currently YMN only operates a fleet of small size. In the future, YMN is planning to launch a larger car.

The targets of this mobile mosque are refugee shelters and crowded places such as shopping centers so that the Muslims can continue to worship in a timely manner together. He said this fleet will expand to include music concert or football match. In this month of Ramadan YMN has targeted to operate at 30 points in Bandung.

Sobirin added, in addition to providing a means of worship, YMN also distributes takjil (meal to break the fast) free to people who are passing the mosque car just before azan maghrib or fast breaking time. Later at the end of Ramadan moth, Mobile mosque has planned to also be present in the posts along the roads around West Java where people on the way to their hometowns to celebrate Idul Fitri usually pass.

At the beginning of May 2015, this mosque Cars provided a means of worship for volunteers in landslide area in Cibitung Village, Pangalengan, Bandung. The existence of the car mosque proved to be very useful for volunteers who were helping the victims of the landslide there.

Besides Mobil Mosque, YMN also have other programs like Tebar (distributing) 10,000 mukena (special gear for women to perform regular prayers) to Indonesia, renovation of mosques, allowance for marabouts (the person who is responsible for managing a mosque, especially its cleanliness), and takjil on The Road (providing fast breaking dish for travelers). The goal is to help Muslims who want to share with others in this blessed month. So you do not need to bother yourself channeling aid directly to those in need and can focus on other religious practices.


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